Active scientific staff

Please inquire for current openings for bachelors-, masters-, and doctoral thesis projects, as well as for postdoctoral positions (see contact). A background in biophysics / biochemistry or in imaging techniques such as electron microscopy or fluorescence microscopy is helpful. 

Hendrik Dietz

Principal Investigator

Dr. rer. nat. 2007, TUM

Dipl. Phys. 2004, LMU

dietz @

Thomas Gerling

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. rer. nat. 2015, TUM

Dipl. Phys. 2010, LMU 

thomas.gerling  @

Benjamin Kick

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Dr. rer. nat. 2017, TUM

MSc Ind. Biotech 2012 TUM

b.kick @

Hamid Ramezani

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Chemistry, 2014, University of Alberta

hamid.ramezani @

Jonas Funke

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. rer. nat. 2017, TUM

Dipl. Phys. 2012, TUM 

jonasfunke @

Fernanda Pereira

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Chemistry, U Göttingen

fernanda.pereira @

Dr. Philip Ketterer

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dipl. Phys. 2012, Mainz 

philip.ketterer @

Christian Wachauf

PhD Student

Dipl. Phys. 2011, TUM 

christian.wachauf @

Matthias Schickinger

PhD Student

Dipl. Phys. 2011, TUM 

matthias.schickinger @

Katharina Häußermann

PhD Student

MSc Biochemistry 2011, LMU

haeussermann @

Jean-Philippe Sobczak

PhD Student

Dipl. Phys. 2011, TUM

filip @

Florian Praetorius

PhD Student

MSc Biochemistry 2012, TUM 


Klaus Wagenbauer

PhD Student

MSc Physics 2013, TUM

klaus.wagenbauer  @

Fabian Schneider

PhD Student

MSc Physics 2014, TUM 

fabian.schneider @

Fabian Kohler

PhD student

MSc Physics 2015, TUM

fabian.kohler  @

Floris Engelhardt

PhD student

MSc Mol. Biotech 2015


floris.engelhardt @

Anna-Katharina Pumm

PhD student

MSc Physics 2016, TUM

annakatharina.pumm @

Pierre Stoemmer

PhD student (Physics)

MSc Physics 2017 (TUM)

pierre.stoemmer @

Eva Bertosin

PhD student (Physics)

MSc Physics 2017 (TUM)

eva.bertosin @

Massimo Kube

PhD student (Physics)

MSc Physics 2017 (TUM)

massimo.kube @


Volodymyr Mykhailiuk

PhD student

MSc Biochemistry 2016 (U Göttingen)

volodymyr.mykhailiuk @

Christian Sigl

PhD student

MSc Physics 2017

christian.sigl @

Elena Willner

Master's student


elena.willner @

Sayed Ali Khoshouei

Master's student


ali.khoshouei @

Seth Fraden

Visiting Professor

PhD physics 1987 Brandeis University


Alumni of the lab


Dr. Britta Coordes (2012)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently at Sandoz GmbH


Dr. Veikko Linko (2012-2013)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently Research Fellow at Aalto University


Dr. Carlos Castro (2009-2010)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently Professor at Ohio State University


Dr. Moritz Mickler (2009)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently at Linde AG

PhD graduates

Dr. Philip Ketterer (2013-2017)

PhD student

Thesis defended on Nov 17 2017

Title: "Rotary mechanisms and scientific devices based on DNA"


Dr. Jonas Funke (2012-2017)

PhD student

Thesis defended on Jun 29 2017

Title: "Nanoscale instruments for the positioning of molecules, for the measurement of forces, and for the quantification of conformational equilibria"


Dr. Evi Stahl (2011-2016)

PhD student

Thesis defended on Dec 13th 2016

Title: "Modellsystemstudien und Methoden zur Probenherstellung für die Kristallisation komplexer DNA Objekte"


Dr. Thomas Gerling (2010-2015)

PhD student

Thesis defended on Dec 23rd 2015

Title: "Design and characterization of a nanomechanical two-state DNA-actuator"


Dr. Fabian Kilchherr (2009-2015)

PhD student

Thesis defended on Dec 22nd 2015

Title: "Single molecule dissection of DNA stacking forces"


Dr. Thomas Martin (2010-2014)

PhD student

Thesis defended on Feb 7th 2014

Title: "Functional synthetic DNA nanostructures"

Master's students

Christian Sigl (2017) MSc Physics

Pierre Stömmer (2017) MSc Physics

Massimo Kube (2017) MSc Physics

Eva Bertosin (2017) MSc Physics 

Simon Barth (2017) MSc Physics 

Christian Pfeffer (2016) MSc Physics

Anna-Katharina Pumm (2016) MSc Physics 
Christoph Noetel (2016) MSc Physics
Fabian Kohler (2015) MSc Physics 
Sofia Ramirez (2015) MSc Physics
Floris Engelhardt (2015) MSc Molecular Biotechnology
Fabian Schneider (2014) MSc Physics
Letizia Meregalli (2014) MSc Physics
Klaus Wagenbauer (2013) MSc Physics
Emanuel Pfitzner (2013) Dipl. Phys.
Michael Glück (2013) Dipl. Phys.
Jonas Funke (2012) Dipl. Phys.
Matthias Schickinger (2011) Dipl. Phys.
Christian Wachauf (2011) Dipl. Phys.
Jean-Philippe Sobczak (2011) Dipl. Phys.
Evi Stahl (2011) MSc Biochemistry
Fabian Kilchherr (2009) MSc Biochemistry

Bachelor's students

Andrea Hegele (2017) BSc Physics

Natalie Möritz (2017) BSc Physics

Karolona Kadletz (2017) BSc Biochemistry

Viktorija Kozina (2017) BSc Biochemistry

Dominik Voglmaier (2016) BSc Physics

Kevin Meighen-Berger (2016) BSc Physics

Sonja Schlegl (2016) BSc Biochemistry

Andrea Neuner (2015) BSc Munich School of Engineering
Pascal Hauenstein (2015) BSc Physics
Fabian Seebacher (2015) BSc Biochemistry
Max Honemann (2015) BSc Biochemistry
Max Schmalhofer (2015) BSc Biochemistry
Pierre Stömmer (2014) BSc Physics
Elena-Maria Willner (2014) BSc Physics
Vera Hechtl (2014) BSc Physics
Stefan Niekamp (2013) BSc Physics
Josef Huber (2013) BSc Physics
Michael Ostertag (2013) BSc Biochemistry
Susanne Ständer (2013) BSc Biochemistry
Dominik Renn (2013) BSc Biochemistry
Korbinian Liebl (2013) BSc Physics
Fabian Schneider (2012) BSc Physics
Anna-Katharina Pumm (2012) BSc Physics
Patrick Christ (2011) BSc Physics
Enrique Lin Shiao (2011) BSc Physics
Viktor Bogischef (2011) BSc Physics
Victoria Kellner Pascual (2011) BSc Biochemistry